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The Duties of a Maid

    When we become a Handmaid of Our Lady, we not only learn activities to care for a home, but learn how to carry out them by cleaning our church. We wish to make certain that the House of God is spotless, and so we perform such services as may be necessary.  

    As girls of all ages are invited to attend our society, we have taken into account that not all can be expected to accomplish the same duties. Therefore we have contrived a system where one's duties grow with age. Every time a maid reaches a new level of work, her old duties are not cast aside but added to with those of her new station.  


 Laundry Maids of St. Veronica

    Wipe down pews and choir loft

    Organize altar boy cassocks



Parlor Maids of St. Martha

    Dust side altars and stations of the cross

    Dust choir loft



 House Maids of St. Zita

      Sweep floor

      Dust tall statues



Lady’s Maids of St. Anne

      Wash windows

      Vacuum carpets and choir loft


And anything else the Housekeeper

may require. 

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