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About Us

   St. Paul's Parish used to be blessed with Franciscan Sisters and in 2008 they began a society called "Our Lady's Handmaids," where the young girls of the parish could come once a month to clean the church and learn about their faith. Unfortunately, in 2011, our dear sisters left us, and with them gone, the society was dropped. 

   Beginning to flourish once again with new things, St. Paul's parish has decided to revive this society. It will be run by a few former members now grown.

   Our goal is to teach the young women in our community the "feminine arts," (which are lacking in society) and how to incorporate these skills into both their physical and spiritual lives. 

   We meet at the St. Paul's church on the third Saturday of every month, after morning Mass, where we have snacks, and attempt to learn skills that will show our girls how to make "a house into a home." Fr. Paul Nicholson honors us with his presence and a small talk after our activities

   We encourage all girls at our parish from ages 6-18 to join, and those from other parishes to begin their own "Our Lady's Handmaids society," that it might spread throughout the church and teach young girls everywhere how to become true women. 

If you need help starting your own group, feel free to contact us or to use any of our templates. 

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