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Welcome to the Catholic Girls Group of,

Our Lady's Handmaids!

    Before Our Lady was Queen of Heaven and Earth; before she was the Mother of God or the Mistress of the Angels; before she was Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope; she was a young maiden in Nazareth. She went about her duties in life, cleaning and performing any task asked of her, and when the angel Gabriel, came and announced the Lord's great wish to make her all these things and more, she answered, "Behold the Handmaid of the Lord," therefore, always blessing the duties of the home. 

    In what better way can we imitate the Blessed Virgin than in completing our daily duties in life while claiming to be her handmaids, as she claimed to be the Lord's? In what better way can we attend to the duties of Mother Church than by cleansing the sanctuary, where the Angels and Saints come to worship God? How else can young maids fight the spiritual battle against the world, if not learning the skills that make us good, beautiful, true princesses of paradise. 


In Honor of Our Queen,

Let us Clean!

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